2013 Europe & Africa Open Championships

The City of Ioannina

Location Ioannina, often called Jannena, is the largest city and the capital of Epirus in north-western Greece with a population of approx. 120.000. It lies at an elevation of approximately 500 meters More »


  Start event   category place Wednesday 08.30 SLALOM TEAM     Sept 4 12.00 TRICKS TEAM       15.00 JUMP TEAM               Awards for More »


Tournament Area The main E&A Championships Tournament Site will be hosted at the National Nautical Athletic Center of Ioannina (EANKI) where the local “Pamvotis Water Ski Club” is located. Many water ski More »



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Live now

 Watch the championship tournament live from EANKI site and Afmithea Channel


  • Final Results Ioannina Greece 2013 E&A Open Championships final results:   04-08/09/2013   08/09/2013 – 17:04 Open Ladies Slalom Results Homologation: World record Bib Name Country Preliminary Final Overall 1 (122) Lucine Clementine FRA 5,00/55/11.25 4,00/55/11.25 (Tie break: 0,50/55/10.75) 813,95 2 (121) Welter Claire Lise *FRA 3,00/55/11.25 4,00/55/11.25 (Tie break: 2,00/55/11.25) 790,70 3 (89) Krueger Geena GER 2,00/55/11.25 ...
  • Invitations Invitations for the official dinner are available at audience's information kiosks at EANKI site and at Amfithea Channel
  • Shcedule of September 4th SCHEDULE OF SEPTEMBER 4TH TEAM EVENT The team event program is as follows: Wendesday Sept 4th 09.30 Slalom at the canal site 12.15 Tricks st the EANKI site 15.00 Jump at the canal site Following Team awards 20.00 Opening Ceremony at Mavily Square 20.30 Dinner at Molos Restaurant   Ioannina Sept. 4,   19.45                    M. Rauchenwald CJ
  • Catering Catering is available on the EANKI site from Monday, September 2rd. Buy your coupons from the bar.
  • The Championships poster is ready!